Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mahjong time

I remember one of the Chinese New Year.
I finally got to know how to play Mahjong but not very good at it,
i force my frens to play with me for the WHOLE night without 
gambling LOL! come to think about it
what a torture .. HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Butterfly won't stay for long.
it's pretty easy to get their attention if you have smt sweet 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Try me

If you are so obsess of still keeping your OLD memories,
I will make sure that i will erase our memories IF we don't work out. 
& I will not let you keep any of our memories.

Monday, December 19, 2011


 It's frigging 11 degree out there and we are going to the open air hot spring 
with our swim suit ! walking out is one hack of a experience to me LOL!

well this is the map of the place. As I recall in Level 1 is for female & male with swimsuit on.
and Level 2 is for naked ladies ONLY .
Me & my sis want to go on the 2nd floor but unfortunately no1 want to go to the naked zone
and if we go there, it will be no fun. so we decided to stay with them on Level 1.
at least .. me and my sis experience bathing naked in the girls toilet.. LOL! 
no DOORS!!! something you will never get to do or have in M'sia for sure.

Well... at least i can say "Been there done that" ;)

a close up map

there have "vanilla hot spring, chocolate, lavender! 35 up to 48 degree HOT! best thing ever esp when you do
it OUTDOOR with cold weather ! "Thumbs up"!!!

& muahhhh~ standing outside at the cold and wet place with my shorts preparing to jump in the hotspring .

there is also a indoor "sort of" swimming pool with jacuzzi. like water park.

oh did i not mention? this is the place where ppl come here to skate during winter and i think winter sonata flim here. if i didnt recall wrong. as in somewhere NEAR this place.
this hot spring is called PEAK ISLAND!  must go place !

awesome experience ! *wink*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Korea trip 280611

How many hour of flight this time? 
around 7 hours again, but this time i'm not alone! at least i'm there with my family and friends.

boyfriend just come back from Australia a day before i leave to Korea ;(

Reach Korea Airport, waiting for our luggage.
while waiting, i got bored and walk AROUND and yes A ROUND
-literally round-
with my sleepy looking face.
A Korean guy that works there walk up to me and started saying
lol their language to me.
i look up at him with my blur expression and say..

-in my brain is processing -"Wad???O.o wtfbbqufyehefoeq? / should i speak english? or Mandarin? or????"-

in the pause for at least 5 sec, he speak to me in English! 
me: "Hurray ! i understand!"

he is trying to ask whether m i lost or do i need any help.
that was one way to wake me up after a long and boring flight =.=

other then that all i gotta say that moment and time was 

Kellygin is HERE! :D

we request to eat RAW food! like salmon and ect! so our tour guide bring
us to those out door market and here are some pictures

does this look like what you think it is? LOL
it even look more like it when you watch my video!

will post it soon. internet lagging :S 

and tadaaa our supper :9 slurps

oh oh! i almost forgot our SOUP of that night !
i don't know what is it called but it is the BEST I TASTE EVER!
taste - spicy ! slurp!!!! miss it alot =(

Prepare by our tour guide! :D 

i don't like beer. "bleakkkk"


the bus driver on the right. really nice uncle :D
too bad he can't speak Chinese at all ! so we do alot sign language.

let me show u our room now
and this is where me and my sister sleep for that night. we set it up ourself ! :D

let me describe the room abit.. it looks like this!

yeap! empty, we have to set our bed ourselfs

and there is a mini kitchen (:

continue soon! :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

Melbourne May 10 - 1 June 2011 (: Best trip ever

A  three week trip in Australia Melbourne!

right after my two month miserable internship i finally get to go on a REAL 

10 May 2011 "11.45pm" flight !

first time in my life, SOLO flight to somewhere so fucking far !

reach an hour earlier then expected 7.30am Australia time

and.. HELLO MELBOURNE! happier than ever ! and it's frigging 4ºc degree out there!
woohoo! did't expect it to be that COLD alright ! i just wear a 
T-shirt + wind breaker + a jeans
freezing alright!

1st thing to do when i reach of cos is... go home and clean up and CHANGE to something thicker!
feel so dirty ..

my breakfast of the day :D
@ Don Dojo at somewhere larh.. i don't have time to remember all the places name :D

it's good enuf i remember it;s call Don Dojo :p

my BUG got his new toy after eating breakfast.


On the way to Melbourne central on tramp. 
don't have the mood to shop because i feel tired & cold, just have a walk around
and buy movie ticket 

day in Melbourne pass by really fast! because 5pm it's already as dark as 8pm =.=

Picture taken 4.40pm
which is kind of saddening.. every time when we want to go anywhere must wake up super early.

this apartment have really COOL gate :D
okayy.. i'm acting like a sakai now.. never see gate like that b3fore maaa :D

 outside of where i stay is "Eve club , Crown casino" which is just a few steps away.

wanted to go to Eve club but unfortunately they when we reach there they tell us, they no longer
accept international ic and need our passport.. its freezing cold so we decided to change to another club. continue later about this..

 picture time..

even more convenient!


end of day One. .

awww! breakfast from my bread :3 

for the 1st week we never go out at all.. all we do is sleep + eat + buy more food + Teevee
because of the really cold weather & typhoon just for that week.. hailing some place, teevee 
reported only just for the week... according to my boyfriend. the days before i arrive the weather is just fine.
but right until the day i touch down!............. freezing cold EVERYWHERE.

as i say just now.. we did't get to go Eve so we decided to try out Melbourne
new club "Neverland" to be honest.. nothing surprise me.. i feel that EVE club will be much more better. by just queuing up outside EVE i can spot alot good looking people. but Neverland not so.. iit's drizzling and single digit degree out there and im still wearing a dress ! about to faint! didn't bring any heels along with me because never expect to go club  

Eve & Neverland stamp! :p

ok now.. skip!!!!!

this is a really COOL place im at ! some second hand hardware place..
my boyfriend help his brother bought a car so now gonna find some parts to fix it in the car
and drive it to ADELAIDE and surprise him! :D

see all the cars there? it's all unwanted car.. in order to go in this place, each person must pay 
2 dollar for entrance fees & ~ get ready ur tools. when u spot ANYTHING you want.. all you do is just take it out from that car and pay at the counter.. and it's all YOURS
this is what you don't see in Malaysia.
they have different sections for all types of cars. there are "Protons, Toyota, Honda and ect"

this amaze me! :D because i never see such place before (:

you can even BUY the seat.. steering, meter ,Tyre and WHATEVER you see, all you have to do is take it out yourself (: 

see what i mean? (:
COINS! lots of coins! 

according to donovan it's australia tallest bridge? no? lolx

 we are behind scheduler! it's already 4.30pm

 1 packed of snacks, 1 MCD hamburger, 2 MCD Mc chicken set, 1 filet-o-fish set, 6 pieces of nugget ! 1 huge mineral water.
we are fully equip ! :D 

 on the way saw this really cool 3D wire frame HOUSE

 see see ! soooo nice :D

 drop by and saw this

 WELL ! i gotta say! Aus have really "CUTE" sign everywhere that keep me entertain for that 7 hour drive ! during midnight it's like sitting in a freezer ! even all the left over fries are COLD like ice! 
they have sign board saying "Resting your eye while driving KILLS" something like that and alot funny sign! sorry i can't recall right now =( can't even take pic of it, cos the car is going to can't stop at those super big highway when all the cars are going soo's dangerous

 this is the only sign i get to snap ! come on.. what does this mean anyway? =.=

and of cos.. dead kangaroo on the road side is a normal thing y.. but i didnt get to see any.. i try my best to stay awake and talk to my boyfriend but.. i just ZZZ LOL! too tired can't help it =(

finally reach around 12am! 
mission : surprise his brother!
but mission fail! because his brother went out for house party! =.=

 but still manage to surprise him with the car.

Breakfast time !

@ Noodie dumpliing!

oh! one thing about Australia is, not ALL ASIAN RESTAURANT can eat..
seriously! been to one.. i just eat a few bite and thats it ! yuck!
anyway Noodie dumpliing is GOODDDD :D

a walk at the beach.

Adelaide look peaceful and relaxing ! me lurf

 love this picture alot

our car :D

a fire-tractor actually rush there for this lol..

picture around Adelaide.



currie st ! wootz!

place we stay @ Adelaide 
thats it for the night.

Out side university of Adelaide. if i'm not wrong

car wash! D.I.Y! fun to play :D

transformation ! home mod (:

the happy owner!

Entertainment center

Just so you know. Adelaide is slightly warmer than Melboune, but when i reach there.. it is as cold as Melbourne =.= where else Melbourne in tat 3 days is not as cold 

 3 days 2 night at adelaide and now it's time to hit back Melbourne

6am flight ! hungry jacks our breakfast :s

ps: NEVER sit Tiger air way..

one hour of heart-attack flight.... thank you very much.

our lunch.. @ some Vietnamese restaurant.. personally "dislike" 

got my chocolate Polaroid ! 

@Sofia DINNER! if you are in Australia gotta try this :D

 can you see the size of the pizza!? one slice already can cover my whole plate.


 guess what i saw there :D
yeap! it's PIE FACE * excited scream!*

found this thing @ the petrol station.You buy grocery online and here is where you collect it.
again! this is what you don't see in Malaysia.

 Manage to capture a seagull flying :D thanks to the strong wing..
the seagull keep flying on the same stop :D


Bug and his NEW TOY again!  POCKET BIKE!


 Friend New mini pocket bike!

 it says it all (:

ngek! woots woots :D


 it's MORNING! a visit to Harbour town..
spent 1 hour there.. and in less than an hour.. 
we lost 200 AUSSIE DOLLAR in the stupid arcade? 
-bang wall-

 it's dinner again, some Italian restaurant .. dunno where lol

end for the day.

Now at Mont. Dandenong ! Beautiful place... it's like Genting. but it's way smaller
but it's way beautiful and COLDER =.=

 see what i mean.. (:

 Beautiful sunset (:

REALLY beautiful scenery 

 did't get to go to the maze. because the sun is going down too fast =.=

Pictures from a normal digital camera :D

okayy, DSLR picture are way better =(

as the night get darker.. the sky looks more purple :)
so beautiful! something to remember at this beautiful place.

 Making  souvenir for myself ^^

Mont Dadenong. Sky high maze.

manage to snap the picture on the right on the day i'm leaving this beautiful place ;(

 Love this picture alot. thank god i get to capture this and save it !

 Now, everyone please meet "Lyra" my new fren :D 
really huge DOG ! i never seen such big dog in my entire LIFE! she is so calm
just sitting next to us, making every people that walk pass ask us what breed is this.. well i 4got what breed 
she is.. i just remember the owner say is a snow dog. she keep sitting beside us making everyone thought
it is our dog lol

sore eye, not feeling too well =(


and never the less.. outside Crown Casino.
This fire performance every 1 hour.

i believe is some Feng Shui stuff :D burn all the people luck! :p

while walking on the street, spot this feature wall.. and creative people stick all the leave on the
wall to make a world map ! cool aye? :D
spot Australia? 

 right beside this wall there is this...



noo.. i think its a dog.. lolx 

 i think this is a really cool building :D
 "ada feel"

 and we keep walking... wanted to have a ride on THIS! :S 
should have go for it ! =(

and.. we end up at the arcade AGAIN! after loosing 200Aud still dare to go :D 

 yay! got a BREAD ! me ♥ lots !

 see!! this is why me  lots ^^

really sad to say, it's coming to the end.. =( 
3 week have pass.. and this is the last day already.
get to go for FISHING on a super cold and freezing weather, 
@ Frankston Pie, around 2 hour drive from Southbank? i suppose

 see what i mean? just by blowing out out breath..
 it's freezing alright! my ear , head, hand, feet is so in pain.
i have no idea how cold is it that day
this creepy little thing! is on our squid bait .. ewww

 we almost.. ALMOST caught a CRAP! almost !!! but it drop back into the sea =.=

 see my hand.. so red and swollen and painful! sob,
never bring glove along.. wrong move !
wear boots never wear socks another wrong move! lol

lastly car photoshooting!

it's sad enuf that i'm leaving early in the morning tomorrow already =(

my glommy mood early in the morning heading back to Malaysia.
beautiful sky 

 sun rise ! simply beautiful!

hot air ballon.
almost miss my flight :D flight @ 9am
wake up @ 6.30am , rush all the way and fight all the jam !
 will update soon about my korea trip :D


i hope xD